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Walking the path of discovery and healing within.



All services are available online or in person. Please contact me to make an appointment or if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you on your journey.


In Depth Hypnosis, you are given access by the altered state, to all the deeper levels of the self. You are fully aware and in your own power, able to find the roots of the symptoms that need to be addressed. Going across time and space, into childhood, womb, infancy, adulthood and even past lives. Making lasting and profound changes in how you understand and engage in relationships with yourself, others and with the world around you.


Dreams are a way in which we can connect deeply to our inner world.  They are our own language of images that can bring us important messages and insights. In a dream session, we will work together in decoding your own inner language, becoming more confident and familiar with your inner world and how it communicates to you. Dreams can often open into deep transformations of the self and understandings of relationships, and situations.

My Journey

I am strongly guided by dreams, shamanic journeying and meditation. I continue to learn about how to live a simple life of beauty in my everyday actions and interactions. I love to sing, dance, make music, create art and be in nature with my family and pets. I am a Depth Hypnosis practitioner, professional musician, teacher and artist.  I love being involved with people of all ages while working in a creative and spiritual manner.  I am deeply honored to be in service, to help others find their way and discover their own individual unique path.  While working with me, you will be guided into inner journeys of growth, compassion, freedom and resolve to see yourself for who you truly are. Igniting the fire within.

Kim Brady, Mexico

I have been working with Anne for awhile now and can say it has been amazing. She can help you on many different levels - her training in depth hypnosis allows you to work with unraveling energetic patterns, power retrieval’s, meeting and working with your guides and entering your dark and shadowed depths and clearing out whatever you may find in a safe supported way. What I have found to be different, working with Anne, is she is committed to giving YOU the tools to be able to work on your own (if you so desire) with some of these same processes. You will not be dependent on her forever... I highly recommended Anne.

Mette Glargaard, CA

My Sessions with Anne brought issues into the light and released them in a way that 20 years of frequent talk therapy could not. The combination of hypnotherapy and shamanic drum work was just what I needed to clear some old traumas. Anne is very professional, but also compassionate and insightful.
Orange Flower

Meade Shirley, AZ

Working with Anne has been the most illuminating and transformative experience. Her calming disposition and gentle nature instantly allowed me to trust and go deep from the start. Through working with her over multiple sessions I was able to explore new growth opportunities that had never been available to me in the past despite using other therapies. I felt supported and very well-guided each and every session. The gifts of doing this work with her have been immeasurable in all areas of my life personally, relationally and professionally! 


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