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The methodology of Depth Hypnosis, created by Isa Gucciardi, weaves the powerful processes and knowledge from Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy, Hypnotherapy, Energy medicine and Shamanic Practices.  I am certified in both Hypnotherapy and Depth Hypnosis, through the Sacred Stream Foundation in Berkeley, CA. In my practice and through this therapeutic model you are able to transform and more fully understand past and current experiences in a safe and compassionate environment. 


​Some examples of why clients choose Depth Hypnosis:

  •  ​​Help with healing and safe exploration of trauma and or past wounding 

  • Finding and releasing roots of habits or patterns that no longer serve you

  • Relationship troubles with family, work and with managing strong emotions such as anxiety, fear, or depression

  • Help to understand and explore the underlying causes of unexplained physical symptoms

  • Understanding and integrating plant medicine experiences

  • Clearing and understanding of energies within and around you

1-1.5 hour Depth Hypnosis Session $95

Contact me for any questions or to schedule a free 20 minute "get to know you" call. 

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