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Music allows us to enter into the sacred field of vibration and frequency.  There is no age limit or barrier, there are no rules. Engaging in music at every age fosters community, health, and happiness.  In my classes and circles we are connecting through movement, exploration, singing, discovery and expression.  I have over 30 years experience in music education and performance and continue to feel passionate about the magic and power of music. ​​

All classes can be scheduled on request and I can travel to your home or retreat center.  

Bilingual Family Music Classes

This is an ongoing weekly class, ages 0-6 years old. Families are welcome.  We will sing, move, dance, play instruments and discover music from all over the world. Class is in Spanish and English and is perfect for language learners, connecting to community and your little ones. 


EVERY THURSDAY, 4pm Dulce Abejita, Sayulita

Harmonic Healing Circles

This is not your normal "sound bath" experience. Everyone is encouraged to move, sing, and participate while being guided on a journey through sound and awareness of body, mind and spirit.  Both live and recorded music.

Please check with me for scheduling.​

TONING: Unleashing the power or your voice

Toning is a sacred practice that invites you to tap into the incredible power of your own voice. Through intentional vocalization and the creation of powerful vibrations, you'll explore the unique resonance of your voice and connect with the root sounds of your chakras and energy fields. In this practice, you'll discover that you are, in essence, vibration itself, and that your voice possesses the innate ability to heal and harmonize your being.


Dulce Abejita, Sayulita

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